Exploring Sustainability Across the Arts: Signage Toolkit and Emerging Perspectives, FOFA Gallery, 2024

Exploring Sustainability Across the Arts: Signage Toolkit authored by Jasmine Sihra, is a downloadable free bilingual (French/English) toolkit that showcases sustainable signage options that can be applied to a variety of arts and cultural programming contexts.  

Exploring Sustainability Across the Arts: Emerging Perspectives, is a companion bilingual publication bringing together emerging perspectives on the theme of sustainability across the arts and features contributions from students, technicians, and artists including: Jasmine Sihra, Emem Etti, Amanda White, Caro (Caroline DeFrias), Pierina Corzo-Valero, and Armando Rivas. 

Exploring Sustainability Across the Arts (ESA) is an initiative by FOFA Gallery at Concordia University that aims to explore sustainable alternatives to vinyl exhibition signage, along with perspectives on sustainability across the arts. According to the Centre for Sustainable Curating, vinyl PVC lettering is commonly used for exhibition signage for its affordability and professional look. However, PVC is a highly toxic plastic that does not biodegrade and has a lifespan of at least 1000 years, and as a result this plastic becomes toxic waste.  Through a series of hands-on workshops, in-gallery experiments, collaborations with artists and conversations with others working on similar ideas, the FOFA Gallery has been working since 2022 to develop and document alternative materials and techniques for creating gallery signage. 

FOFA would like to thank the project Partners & Sponsors: 
Canada Council for the Arts Strategic Innovation Fund: Seed Grants 
Canadian Heritage: Young Canada Works program 
Centre for Sustainable Curating (CSC), Western University 
Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) 
Digital Fabrication Lab, Core Technical Centre, Concordia University 
Sustainability Action Fund, Concordia University 
Special thanks to Dr. Kirsty Robertson, Dr. Heather Igloliorte, Arrien Weeks, Dr. MJ Thompson, and Jules Beauchamps Desbiens and the team at the Digital Fabrication Shop of Concordia University’s Core Technical Centre.

Signage Toolkit:

Emerging Perspectives: